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Saod to me that im so irritating and annoying bc of my so much clingy and sweet actions to her while weвre in the school. But I couldnt get off of it because I love her so much and even my body couldnt move without going to her like I stare at her always saying to my girl that shes beautiful, kissing her and hugging her always saying to her that I love her. My day couldnt just be complete without giving those sweet actions to her but she said that shes being irritated and annoyed bc one time we got caught and was issued at the school principal pda so I was thinking now shes just very afraid for thst to happen again bc she might be transferred to other schools already but I get hurt when she acts like shoo ing me away just when I touch her simply she shooвs my hands away.

Then I just cry so gay bc of the hurt im feeling and I also feel jealous when I think when shes with her friends I see more smiles of her but when with me she just say вyouвre so annoyingв but I just try to understand her, how can I cope about this situation.

How can I underdstand her more and for me to remove my too much clinginess for her to be not irritated to me. Hi all, I am heartbroken at the momentв.

I have ended my nearly year relationship due to persistent and focused jealousy. My now ex partner has had this obsession with my ex from a few years ago.

My ex isnвt exactly trustworrthy and he is proved it time and time again. I really donвt care about him anymore, I just want to be recognised for me, and that I am honest and trustworrthy. My partner keeps mentioning my ex, even in trying to plan a holiday I had said that not be able to go for as long as him, cos of work ff then I can get вwhat if вв.

Turns up at your house while iвm goneв. This trip is planned for april may. Itвs been the same for the most of the relationshipв. I try to establish boundaries, explain my reasons for dislike, considering that my ex is used to be jealous too, but it just doesnвt sink in at all. Please everyone here be carefully in this place, not all are real, just lost dollars to a fake imposter. Spell caster,my name is rose brown from usa, because I was desperately.

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Com contact him now so that your problem will be solved nowвв. I think this is a really hard issue. I think you have to really pay attention to your partner and whether they want to spend time with you. If they want to go out with their friends without you all the time I think you need to notice that because they should want to spend time with you more than other people.

Thatвs not to say they should never do anything on their own, but iвm not sure I would want to feel like my wife could care less if I was around or not. Part of dealing with jealousy is helping the jealous person feel more secureв if you go to clubs or singles bars all the time without him, you are sending him a clear message, вi like to be around available people without you thereв and вi prefer to spend my free time with people other than youв.

If that is the normal behavior from you and person would eventually get resentful.